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True bliss is living life at ease. This site is for all survivors of any type throughout all the world.

In the summer of 1979, after his sophomore year of highschool, Dan Windheim suffered a serious head injury as the result of a car accident. After spending 2 1/2 months in a coma, Dan awoke and found his entire life had changed.

After graduating high school in 1981, Dan went on to college and culminated his college career by graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas College in NY in 1987.

Over the last 17 years, Dan has been working in many areas and for many causes. He has volunteered his time and efforts to various agencies throughout the county in which he lives because he believes that giving back to others is the best remedy to heal oneself.

Catch the Wind
"Catch the Wind"

Dan in the Wind
One of Dan's efforts was directed toward helping the Nyack YMCA become accessible to the handicapped. His efforts led to others joining him in his pursuit to raise money for this worthy cause. As a result, the YMCA is taking steps towards improving the handicap accessibility of the building.

Bench Guy One of Dan's proudest accomplishments is his co-founding the group "The Motivators"; a group of individuals who meet each month at The Rockland Independent Living Center to share their views (personal philosophies) of the world. For anyone who is interested in this group; they can contact Dan at the address below.

Another major milestone for Dan was when he took part in the Rusk Head Trauma Program in New York City. This program's main objective is to improve the cognitive functionality of those who have sustained a head injury.

Dan feels this program has laid the ground work for the rest of his life and given him the necessary skills to be successful in all of his pursuits.

Dan now lives in Garnerville, NY, about 30 minutes from his job in Nyack. He has attained his driver's license which he uses to drive to his job at the Nyack Library.

Dan Windheim, in the words of Oscar Hammerstein, continues to "climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow," til he finds his dream.

Dan Windheim

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