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True bliss is living life at ease. This site is for all survivors of any type throughout all the world.

  • "Opening the Door to a Brighter Future:
    Top Ten Keys to Help You Get There"

    We've been working on this book for so long. Finally it's complete and available to share with you. It features strategies for living successly with TBI, and includes experiences and writings by seven other survivors. For an uplifting, insightful read, click here for more information about my newest book.

  • "It's Not All Black And White:
    A Survivor's View Of Life"

    The idea that "it's not all black and white" means that things are not all or nothing, or this or that. Things must be looked at in different ways. This book includes Q & A sections with responses from real people. Along with his mother Marjorie Windheim, the two discuss the misunderstandings the world may have toward the disabled, ie. Brain Injury survivors, and what may make life easier.Their focus for this book is to reach survivors of TBI, their families, and individuals who service this population. Click here to view more about this book.


    The poems in this book are divided into categories and document my life history. They illustrate my struggles, along with my many joyful moments; encounters which I continue to experience each day. It is a book that deals with Traumatic Brain Injury, and tells my story and shares my experiences. This book is educational, entertaining, and true. Read more about The Poem Book by clicking here.


    This was my original book project about Traumatic Brain Injury, which I began in the early 90's. I thought if I had so many thoughts, ideas, and challenges about living life after a head injury, other survivors must be having similar ones. It was my goal to reach TBI survivors throughout the world with information, understanding, and inspiration to help and guide them through their lives with TBI. You can check out the Arclight Magazine article written about this book. Although the book is not available yet, you can read an online sample of my writings from fourteen sections of the book project here.

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Dan Windheim

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