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True bliss is living life at ease. This site is for all survivors of any type throughout all the world.

Below are the latest reviews of this web site and my first published book entitled The Poem Book, Reflections Of A TBI Survivor. I would like to extend my warm wishes and thanks to all those of you who have submitted your feedback!

If you would like to submit your reviews after reading my book, or viewing my site, please email your comments to me at Thanks!


"Just received the book, Dan, and it is great. It will help many survivors as my gift to the TBI library of Gulfstream Goodwill. Thanks again,

--- Debbie Pollack, "Betsy"


"I have really enjoyed reading your poems. I am amazed at how much you've captured some of the same feelings that I have felt since my accident 8 years ago. Led and Let Go ends with something I have felt real important to me, "at peace with myself." Thank you, this book is helping with the learning journey I am on."

--- Rocketman


"Thank you for the heads up on your site. I will take time to look it over. Working in the TBI field and as a parent of a TBI survivor, I appreciate the time and effort you have put into your site. Keep up your wonderful attitude and spirit!"

--- Jeanne Anderson
I&R Manager BIA-AZ

"Dear Dan,

"Thank you for sharing your website with me. I particularly enjoyed the poetry section. I will let my colleagues know about it as a resource for patients. Thanks again! Sincerely,"

--- Harriet Patterson, MPH
Health Program Coordinator

"hey dan-

"just took a peek at your website-you must be very, very proud-it's a great site, very professional and very inspiring. I've known a few heroes in my lifetime-you've just made the list. I am certain you have touched and continue to touch-and inspire-many, many people. Be proud of who you are and what you're doing-I'm honored to know you."

--- mary ann


"I reviewed the site and it is wonderful! I especially like poetry, and recall clearly the works of several TBI survivors I have worked with. I have a resource list and I am pleased to add your site to it. Thank you for thinking of me. Yours truly,"

--- Jack G


"You have an incredibly positive energy and drive- and I am always inspired by all that you bring to the world- including your writing- which is both thoughtful and expressive. Looking forward to your next volume. Peace!"

--- Steve Jones

"Hi, Dan,

"I got it, and I love it. A wonderful book of poetry. My congratulations. I look forward to reading it over and over again. With warm regards,"

--- Deryl

"Hello Daniel,

"Thankyou so much for your corespondance. My name is Inga and I work at the J_ House. I am also a brain injury survivor. We are thrilled to network and get TBI recognised! Would you like our newsletter? I will let the members here know about the feedback form. I think several of them would be anxious to participate. I have a copy started myself. I'll finish it over this week. Let us know if you would like info. or anything. Sincerely,"

--- Inga

"Dear Dan:

"Thank you for contacting Family Caregiver Alliance. Thank you for contacting us and letting us know about your site for our caregivers that are helping people with TBI. I will pass it on to people it might help. I hope you keep writing and helping others deal with this disability. Sincerely,"

--- Leslie

"Hi, Dan,

"Thanks for writing! I love your site--I can really relate to what you said regarding cognitive issues. That is a significant problem with MS, as well. I'd like to correspond with you about this--how you cope with your cognitive issues and how you feel about them. Also, my sister has TBI from a car accident (also at age 16). She is 24 now--she has recovered miraculously, but she is a different person. I hope to hear from you!"

--- Information Specialist


"my name is Jenna...I was going through my dresser drawer when I came upon an article about you that I had clipped out of this winter's edition of ARCLIGHT magazine. I had wanted to but never took the time to congradulate you on your "poem book." What an accomplishment! I just wanted to give you my congradulations. Best of luck with everything!"

--- Jenna

"Hi Dan,

"Thank you for the follow up! I have received your book and have read many of the poems. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself. I would like to feature you in an issue of our newsletter on our website, however, we do not have a scheduled publication date as we don't have a volunteer working on the newsletter coordinatin at this point. Please do keep in touch!"

--- Samantha

"Yes, We have received your poem book. We have been reading it together during our free time. Maria has significant short term memory deficits so she does not remember from day to day what she read. We like the poems Thank You. We are happy you are doing so well. Kind Regards,"

--- Frank & Maria

"Hello Dan;

"It was a very pleasant surprise to hear from you in deed! I worked in the field of law for over 20 years. I have visited your website a few times & I am very impressed, not only with your creativity, but also all of your accomplishments!! I will visit your site again, I believe I read all of your poetry, stories,etc. Thanks for the further interest in me! God's Peace."

--- Sheila

"Hi Dan -

"good to hear from you...I actually read part of your book when I saw Paul M's copy...I'm very impressed & proud to know that you accomplished one of your life's dreams...I would certainly cherish a signed copy so when you are rich & famous I can tell people I knew you!"

--- Dave

"Hi Dan,

"Thank you for inviting me to your book signing... I do wish you success with this endeavor. I admire your courage and persistance....rock on! I have already been to your Web site. It's pretty impressive! I am sure many who have suffered the same experience as you have found peace and comfort there..."

--- Tony

"I am writting you in reference to my son...He too was in a car crash...It has been quite a jouney. I read your story and though it wasn't me in the wreck, it has affected our whole family...God bless you, and keep fighting to be all you can be."

--- Lyn

Dan Windheim

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