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From the cover of my book:

"In the Summer of 1979, Daniel Windheim sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. After remaining in a coma for two and a half months, he awoke to face a whole new world...a world filled with new feelings, frustrations; topsy-turvey experiences. He was forced to acquire skills and coping mechanisms he did not need before, and to rely on an inner strength which has carried him through his traumatic experience.

"Dan had taken poetry in high school, more than twenty years ago, but had never made use of it after that. In recent years, he has come back in touch with his poetic side and it has taken off.

Poem Book Cover

"This book is a collection of his poetry. In it Dan expresses his anger, frustrations, losses, regrets; his adjustments and ideology that grew out of his new world-- all of which he had held in for so long...and is now bravely sharing."

Dan Windheim & Mom


Over the past ten years I have been working to write a book about Traumatic Brain Injury. In the early 90's my book was to be for TBI survivors, by survivors. But over the course of ten years this project has taken many twists and turns.

Well, I have done it; completed a book. It is not quite the book I had originally planned, but it is only my first (I hope there will be more). My mother assisted me in this first effort into the literary world, and what was produced "THE POEM BOOK" is something I think is of value.

I started by taking many of my poems I have written, and put them into categories of my life; next my mother wrote introductions for each section, and they were placed with corresponding poems. My life has been amazing, and these poems document my history; struggles and joyful moments I continue to experience each day.

I am very happy with this final product; It is a book that deals with Traumatic Brain Injury; it tells my story and shares my experiences. This book is educational, entertaining, and true.

"THE POEM BOOK: REFLECTIONS OF A BRAIN INJURY SURVIVOR" was published by Golden Quill Press, but is currently SOLD OUT from my web site.

Thank you,

Daniel Windheim

Some of Dan's thoughts...

More from the back cover of my book:

"Frustration humped upon frustration, without delight, burnt skin; my skin, peeling off and falling like dying soldiers. I am not alone, but abandoned of worth, and understanding. I am in need of fossilizing repair; regeneration of my faltering confidence."

"A picture hangs on my living room wall. Shades of Blue, and White, creating an ocean of colors; forming a turbulent image, within my mind. Perpendicular & horizontal strokes, applied with long, skinny utensils known to artists, and those who inflict beauty. Gifts from God; to be treated as such. We are the creators of our own existence."

"I realize, I am not alone in this world. It is my humility, and compassion that bring me closer to understandings and the undying courae that sustains me."

IN A WHIM, by Dan Windheim

words are words are words
when strung together create poetry; how absurd

within my mind they remain at home
within my world they are never alone
happy words, sad words there are quite a few
check out my writing you might remember them too.

as my poetry comes in flashes and whims.
in a colorless rainbow my story begins.
Or at least continues.

simple words without beginning or end
if you place them in water you will surely see them bend
moving and changing right before your eyes
you must buy my book, it's for all girls and guys

within my poetry you will not see words that rhyme
just beautiful images, and not a waste of your time

A portion of the proceeds from The Poem Book
was donated to the September 11th fund
and various Brain Injury organizations.

Please also see my page of "Our Poems," a collection of poems, some of which I wrote, and some submitted by other TBI survivors. If you would like to submit a poem you have written, please feel free to contact me.

Dan Windheim

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