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True bliss is living life at ease. This site is for all survivors of any type throughout all the world.

Check out the Arclight Magazine article about my first book project

The Neurotrauma Registry

National Brain Tumor Foundation

DisAbility Information Resources

Virginia Neuro Care, Inc.

Art As a Healing Force

Traumatic Brain Injury Care System

National Business and Disability Council

TBI Interchange

World Association of Persons with Disabilities

Learning Technologies Channel - Satellite Town Meetings

Cognitive Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Resources

Keep Your Brain Alive & Get Exercise

Brain Injury Resource Center

Brain Injury Association of America

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Traumatic Brain Injury

Health-Helper - Brain Injury, Concussion and Health Resources

Cognitive-Behavioral Brain Injury Rehab

Living With Brain Injury, Post-Rehab Recovery

Brain Book Life Management System

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Getting Overloaded

Tunstall FL95, Attention Skills

Articles for Survivors & Families

Brain Train

Traumatic Brain Injury - Brain Map and Function

When will I get better

Traumatic Brain Injuries, Memory

Cognitive-Behavioral Brain Injury Rehab

TBI Personal Injury - Law Office of Michael Kaplen

Betsy's Support Page for Traumatic Brain Injury

Dan Windheim

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