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Well, I am back from my great trip to California and the west coast. I have been trying to put my life back together. ((FROM WHAT??)) I wouldn't think it would be such a large task. And it might not be without this head injury.

I went to Anaheim, San Diego (which used to be my favorite place in the world), the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, Bass Lake, and San Francisco.

Dan & friends in California
It was a tour, not a holiday. Our tour guide was sure to stress that point many times. "A holiday," they said, is a trip where you relax and take it easy. "A tour" is where you see things, you are always on the move. We definitely saw things and we were constantly on the move.

It required me to be very alert and organized. Traveling, going on trips, and the like requires me to be on top of things. I am not unique; people in general have to be organized. But since my brain injury I have been forced to follow certain guidelines to allow me to be organized and my trips to go smoothly. Making lists, rehearsing in my mind the list (over and over again)to make sure I have not left things out is one thing I need to do.

On this trip, which required me to be packed and ready to leave each destination every morning; I needed to pack my suitcase the previous night or early each morning, to guarantee that I would not be left behind by the others ( something the group leader would threaten jokingly (ha ha). Walking around unfamiliar areas was (and is) a challenge for me.

I could not afford to get lost in Yosemite National Park (no matter how beautiful it is there). Looking around me and making notes of landmarks is helpful to me. Always listening to what is going on nearby, and being aware of local information and facts keeps one on top of things. These guidelines are some of the ways I assure that my trip will go smoothly.

Strategies vary from individual to individual; sharing stories of our past experiences can be helpful to others. Below are a few travel comments and tips sent in from those who have contacted me. If you would like to send me personal stories of your own, I will appreciate and post them to share.

Dan & friends in Vegas


Sherry W. uses a strategy for her travels:

I keep a "train case" packed with personal things for my son and I. Toothbrush, razors, make-up, soap , brush etc... all I have to do is pick it up and go. Its all doubles of everything. Before I travel I make a list of what I need . But for camping I have a list just for that and some bins are also prepacked with paper goods, matches, etc...


Bob M.'s comments on travel:

I find that "people are basically very nice." I think this says something about the fundamental nature of Man's basic goodness/God etc. (I'm no theologeon, I just have a fundamental faith in people.) As long as most people have an idea of what you want and as long as that won't hurt them, they will try to help.

Of course there are the situations where people don't understand a word, but they try to help anyway. I've done a good deal of travel in N.America/Europe/ Africa/Asia and I have experienced great hospitality. It is not always w/out ulterior motives, but that's the nature-of-the-beast.

Life as a TBI'er certainly is more difficult. However, it is guaranteed to be more challenging and interesting and what else is life?

Your Friend,
Bob M

Dan Windheim

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