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Check out the Arclight Magazine article about my first book project

GOD? -

I am a strong believer in God, even though I have a dislike for religions.

I was raised Jewish, and Judiasm played a big role in my young life. I attended the Sons of Israel Synogogue, which was located about half a mile from where I grew up.

It was, and is a modern reformed Synogogue, located in Upper Nyack, N.Y. I wasn't literally forced to go there (tied up and dragged), but I just accepted that I would attend classes Tuesday, Thursday, and go to Sunday school.

It was kind of a social thing anyway, a lot of my schoolmates were also pressured to go. We would file into the Carriage House, put on our Yamakas, speak Hebrew and learn about the culture of the Jews.

Say this, wear that, eat this, don't eat that. I don't believe a God would be so demanding. I don't believe that God created religion anyway. Only man could create something, which I feel divides us, more than brings us together.

These are some of my beliefs: God exists within all of us; therefore we are all Gods. We all have free will (to choose our own paths). Everything happens for a reason, and is meant to happen. Everything we do, is meant to be done, otherwise we wouldn't have done it. Our lives are our challenge, and what we choose is our path.

I do not blame God for my accident. It is my challenge, it is my path. I was led by the Jewish religion for most of my growing years, and do not regret it. It was an education, and has helped to make me who I am today. I must say that I was the only person in my family to be bar or batmitsvahed (something I think I am proud of). I have always been someone who finishes whatever he starts, and this was no different.

After my graduation into adulthood I attended Hebrew Highschool for a short while with my cohorts, until I gradually grew away from any religious following.

This does not mean that my belief in a God or higher power was diminished at all, only that my views of formal religion (Judiasm, Catholicism, Christianity, etc), had lost their importance, as far as I was concerned. Do not get me wrong though; I feel that religion plays an important role in our society. It brings people together and gives them a common bond.

After a life threatening injury, one would be expected to question or have anger toward a God or higher power, and this is why the answers I collected from other survivors was so interesting.

Check out the Arclight Magazine article about my first book project

Dan Windheim

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